Case Studies

This Is … Case Studies

This Is has worked with a number of clients since its inception in July 2004.  Examples of  interventions which our core team have been involved in are as follows


Organisation Development

  • We worked with Irish Local Government to design and roll out a performance management development system to over 35000 staff
  • We worked with the Chief Executive and top team of Dublin Airport Authority from 2007- 2012 on their ‘Shaping the Future’ programme to transform their organisation
  • We worked with partners DC Energy to design the organisation for the €35b Inpex Ichthys oil and gas mega project in Australia and then led the change planning
  • We worked with the Chief Executive and top team of NHS Kingston Provider Services to help them develop the skills and capabilities required to become a successful social Enterprise, Your HealthCare
  • We worked with our partners Mazars to review the change strtegy for the Chief Executive of an NHS Commisioning Support Unit
  • We worked with the property development  company Treasury Holdings to help them organise for projected expansion
  • We helped develop the strategic plan for DKIT, an Irish third level educational institution
  • In our role as Directors of Aoibhneas Women and Children’s refuge, we have developed strategy and susequently worked to transform the organisation, see also 
  • We ran a workshop for the Children’s Acts Advisory Board on change and transition


Leadership Development

  • We worked with Unilever to help them roll out new leadership standards globally. We designed an interactive workshop wich was rolled out to thousands of leaders
  • We deigned and delivered a leadership development programme for managers in IDL visitor centres including formal programmes, coaching, and working in intact teams
  • We helped Pernod Ricard in Ireland to roll out a values transformation programme
  • For DAA, we designed a talent system and also coordinated and ran a Director Development programme for high potential executives, see also
  • Read about the design and delivery of a strategic HR programme for World Airports for our client ACI World, as well as a succession planning programme, see also
  • Read about the ACI Europe Leadership and Change Management Summit which we intiated, design and coordinate
  • Read about an example of an executive coaching assignment
  • Read abouut how we have made intelligent use of multiple sources of data  to focus investment in development